Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dec. 24th
Christmas Eve @ my parents

Our tradition for Christmas Eve is to go to Church service and then to head to my parents for Mexican food, however my mom got the the bug from Brady and I, so this year we picked up mexican food from On the Border. Brady got lots of great stuff, including, a gas pump to go with his little tikes car, a cleaning cart, b/c he loves to clean, but I can asure you he didn't get that from me, some books, some clothes, dvds, and more. He was a lot of fun to watch this year!

The Boozers

Phoebe opening her sippy cup we got her

Brady and Ryan, look at their faced, hello...like father like son

Mari opening some gifts
I'm the Good One, don't my sister
The kids got Rock Band

Brady opening his cleaning cart
I drew Tanya, she asked for a tea maker, pretty boring huh
I got dad a 777 and added all of our faces onto it like we were his passengers
Brady and his gas pump
We got Chris some new chucks
Mandi had Phoebe's foot prints done, like Mari's several years ago
My parents got Mandi clothes for Christmas but I got to do all the shopping since mom was sick