Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dec. 23rd
Christmas with Aaron
Hillary, Olivia, and I met up for lunch today and to open presents today. We went to Chili's and then ended to Hill's house for presents. Aaron was the first to open, Brady got him a Little People Firetruck and a fun sippy cup! Aaron got Brady a Barney doll and dvd. For those to who don't know my son has become a Barney fanatic, I'm ashamed to admit it, but he'll probably end up having a Bareny party too! Since the day he got this Barney he has not let him out of hid sight, he plays with him, talks and sings with him and even trys to feed Barney and gives him drinks, somemone might be a good little helper for baby # 2, although daddy doesn't think so! Hillary and Olivia got me this really nice fleece pullover that says Irving High and Coach Boozer, it's fabulous!

Aaron waves bye has he starts to ride