Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan. 12th
Brady is 22 months
Brady turned 22 months today, which means in 58 days Brady will be 2, INSANE! Brady got moved up to the big building at school, he was supposed to get moved up @ 21 months which actually landed on a Friday, so the 15th was supposed to be his first day to be transitioned but he was sick that entire week except for Friday, so Tuesday the 30th was his first day to be transitioned he was there in the morning for a couple of hours, I picked him up right before nap time, Wednesday he was there and I decided to let him stay through nap time and so that I could get some last minute errands ran, so Monday the 5th, was his first day all day! Things are a little different in his big boy class, there's no more blue sheets which as a daily individual schedule, that had their diaper changes, what they ate, and nap time listed. They also teach them to drink from a cup which Brady was getting good prior to this, so sippy cups are not allowed. I drop him off in the class desk door and the kids are sitting down @ the table eating provided breakfast, from cereal, pancakes, eggs, etc, you can see the pictures below. They also start having activities, like Stretch and Go! He seems to be enjoying it and his new teacher Ms Beth, he continues to love his little friend Audra and since his moved over he gets to see Mari and Braeleigh in the morning as well!
He continues to amaze me with his knowledge, he is started to sing along with his Barney cd and really knows the words, he sings the ABC's with Barney and is able to pick up every other letter or so, and just today he say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me for Mimi and he was really singing, it's crazy! Although sometimes he can be a little toot, he really is a sweet boy, he says thank you all the time, we don't even have to remind him, and there's nothing sweeter than hearing him say LOVE You!

Brady in his new class, I couldn't get him smile, until I told him to say Audra
Brady sitting @ his table eating breakfast like a big boy!