Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Feb. 1st
Superbowl Party
So, I'm holding was used to be a football bowl, dumby me, turned the burner on and melting the bottom right out of it, and the bad thing is, it wasn't even mine. We had a few people over for the superbowl, I didn't take many pics, just a few of Brady and the kiddos.

Aaron giving Abigail sugars

Gabry after eating a cupcake

Brady playing with the kiddos

Brady giving Hillary a chessy grin

My sweet boy was putting this bowl on his head and dancing around!


Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Love all the pictures of Brady, of course, but particularly love the one of you and your football party plate/bowl gone bad. :) Good one! :) I've been there before!