Monday, February 09, 2009

Feb. 8th
2 Birthday Parties: Phoebe & Ryan
Phoebe turned 1 on Jan. 27th and we celebrated @ Mandi and Chris' house today! Phoebe actually started walking just last week, well, about 10 steps or so and then she'll fall and crawl! It's crazy to think that just a year ago this tiny baby was 5 wks early and only weighed 4lbs! They grow up way too fast!!!

I've never seen a 1 yr old enjoy their cake as much as she did!

Here's Phoebe taking a couple of steps

This is a shirt we got her
She enjoyed opening her presents too!

Showing off one of her outfits!
Giving Brady sugars
Mari & Brady eating cake

Phoebe getting ready for a bath after cake

Clean & Happy!

Mari, Brady, Me & Phoebe
2nd Party: Ryan turns 4!
One of my best friends (jennifer dearden) little girl also had her party today!
Brady wasn't very socialable, we spent most of the time outside running around. There was a face painter their, Brady didn't want his face done, but I finally convinced him in doing is hand, so he got a puppy on his hand!
Jennifer & Ryan
Her little boy, Jack

Brady's puppy hand

Ryan opening the Little People Castle we bought her

Ryan riding her new bike!