Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12th
Birthday Full of Fun
We woke Brady up singing Happy Birthday and he just smiled, we've been telling him all week he was going to be 2 today, so when I asked him how old he was, he said, 2 excitedly! I found this shirt, thanks to Tarenthia, and I just love it! It's called KooKooKids and you can find it on which is kind of like an ebay but they only sell homemade things!
Anyway, unfortuntatly I had to work, so on the way to school we got McDonalds, and then I was able to go up doing my conference and take a Barney cupcake cake. The kids, all but Brady loved them, not sure what his deal was, but he didn't eat either the cupcakes or the cake I got him! Mari and Braeleigh were able to come over and eat a cupcake with us too!
At 6:30, kind of a last minute deal we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese in Irving, so that if people wanted to join us they could! Mimi, Popi, Nanny, Paw Paw, Mandi, Chris, Mari, and Phoebe joined us and we all had a blast! And to our surprise, there was a Barney ride! Brady of course, his like his mother and actually doesn't like to ride the rides, but he'll sit on them!
Brady did not want to leave, in fact was hanging on to the Barney ride for dear life and then when we got him home he didn't want to go to sleep, I can't imagine why.
First thing in the morning

Eating McDonalds in the car

The Barney Cupcake Cake

Brady wanted the Barney off the cake badly, come to find out it was a stamp, how fun!

Not sure if you can see Brady's expression, but he was bad that the kids were trying to get near his cake!

Brady and his cousins

Playing with his Barney

The kiddos eating their cupcakes

Don't let him fool you, he took about 3 licks of the icing and the didn't touch it!

I was trying to get Brady to cheese at me, but he was too busy, but his little girlfriend Audra wanted to cheese!

Break for Pizza & Cake...

Singing Happy Birthday to him, he started acting bashful!

More Games...

I think Ryan and Chris spented more tokens than the kids, they were determined to beat the high score on this football game!


Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

He is getting so big! I loved all the pictures! Hope his party goes good today! Love ya! PS. Jake and Jack say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRADY!!!