Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12th
My Baby is 2!!!!! I know I say it all the time, but I really can't believe it! He his growing up so fast! He's talking all the time now, he's started to say "Oh my goodness" & "Aw, man", it's pretty funny! Also, when you ask him what is name is he say Brady Boozer! He's also started to put his friends, Elmo, Barney, Big Bird, Tigger, Ducky (Aka Donald Duck), his froggy bathtime friends, basically any toy he has in time out; he tells them, "No bite, or no hit, sit in the corner or u in time out!" I'm hoping its b/c he see the other kids getting in trouble and its not him! He is just so smart, I know all parents say that, but just yesterday, Wendy said she came into his class and asked his teacher who was absent, but she was changing a diaper and didn't hear her, so Brady came around the corner and said Audra & Avery, who were the other 2 who were absent! His hair seems to get curlier everyday, I just love it! He has 3 of his 2 yr molars coming in, we actually have our first dentist appt. scheduled during spring break next week. And is 24 month check, so I'll make sure and post how much his grown!
Of course you all know his in love with Barney so of course were having a Barney party Sat. We bought him this Barney chair and Barney shirt for his b-day to take his pictures in and to wear and sit in on his bday!