Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 12th
Easter morning, we slept in a little late and we decided to go to PPBC for church. Brady woke up and had some breakfast burritos and opened his Yo Gabba Gabba Themed Easter basket! After church there was a small Easter egg hunt at church that had to get moved inside the gym because of the rain and then we headed to Mimi & Popi's for Easter lunch and another inside Easter Egg Hunt!

Brady's Easter basket

Showing off one of his toys

Trying to blow his duck horn

Playing with Foofah

Brady after trying one of his smarties, he usually likes but I guess it doesn't go well with morning breathe

Opening his Easter basket from Mimi & Popi

Our crazy sister pic

My precious family

Tanya & her crew, Matt had to work

Mandi, Phoebe, Chris, & Mari

Phoebe & I were sportin purple

All the kids

Hunting Eggs

Phoebe hunting

Nanny came by to drop off Brady's Easter basket

Brady playing in Ryan's shoes

My boys