Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 15th
Barney Comes to School
So Nanny found a Christian man that does all sorts of Characters, including most kids favorites, Barney & Elmo! I'd been telling Brady for weeks that Barney was coming to school, he was very confused but he finally understood when Barney came! He was scared to death, Nanny took pictures for me, in all the pictures, Brady is sitting in a teacher's arms! Although he was terrified he hasn't stopped talking about the Big Barney! And every time he says the Big Barney he sings I Love You, You love Me..., he honestly sings that song at least 20 times a day, its precious! I gave to get it on video!

Barney arrives

Welcome Barney


One of the teachers convicing Brady Barney won't hurt him

Barney entertaining

Barney entertaining some more

and some more

My little Scaredy Cat

Madison Avenue Signature