Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 17th
The BIG 30
Tonight my wonderful friends & family surprised me with a party celebrating my 30 years here on earth! I ended up going home after school, after shooting down the first attempt to getting me to my parents house, going shopping with mom and to come over and eat rcie & beans, then shot down the second attempt when Ryan called asking if I wanted to go eat over there, finally Ryan convinced me to meet him at my parents house for dinner, I was clueless until I saw all the cars out front! I am so blessed and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for my friends and family!
I've been dreading this day, turning 30, but the fact is, it really is just another year, and I'm as young as I act, right? Which means I'm just a baby, lol!!

Tanya was taking pictures and just kept clicking, so of course Mandi kept posing

Hill, Aaron & Olivia

Chris & Ryan chilling after dinner & watching the Rangers play

Cooper, Jenn, Jenn, & Zach

My precious baby
Madison Avenue Signature


jamie said...

ah! happy birthday, hilary! drew turns 30 TOMORROW!!!!