Friday, May 15, 2009

May 9th
Avery turns 2!
Avery turned 2 yesterday and today we celebrated at Pump it Up Jr. in plano, if you keep up with the blog, this is the place Tarenthia and I took the kids once this summer! Brady in the beginning was having a good time, we soon realized though he wasn't interested in doing anything really especially by himself, and even more so when Elmo arrived! Brady literally sat in Ryan's lap for 3o minutes or more while Elmo was there! He had one eye covered with his little fist, hiding and anytime Elmo got closer he put both hands up! But the bday girl loved Elmo and so did Liam!

Our Crazy Kids!

Avery wearing her 2 shirt

Tarenthia, Elmo, Avery & Bradley
Brady in the corner hiding
Liam giving Elmo love

All the kiddos

Brady finally got out of Ryan's lap
Yummy bday cake
Elmo cupcakes
Avery blowing out her candles

Brady finally came back to life when he caught some pizza in him & was away from Elmo
Giving each other a hug goodbye
I made Avery this shirt for her bday!
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