Friday, May 15, 2009

May 9th

Mothers of Boys Conference: Featuring Sheri Rose Shepherd

I got an opportunity not go back Sat. morning and here Sheri Rose Shepherd speak to us again, she has a book called Preparing Him for Another Women and goes around to different states sharing it at Mothers of Boys Conference. I've always known that I wanted to be a mom and since high school I just always had a feeling I would be a mom of boys! And you all know I love my little boy and for those who ask me which I want to have next a boy or a girl my anwser is always a little boy, I would have a house full of boys if I could! Don't get me wrong I would love and cherish a little girl too, but there's just something about little boys! And after hearing her speak this weekend I realized even more how special it is and what a opportunity we have to teach our boys how not only to be a man, but a Godly man, and a man that knows how to treat a lady! She refers to Mothers of Boys as the First Lady, I hadn't thought of it that way, but we are their First Lady, we are the first glance what a lady looks like and acts like, it makes you think twice about how you act for sure! Anyway her message tries to teach mothers "the faith, wisdom and strength to raise a toddler or a teen to grow up to be a great husband and a man of his word...equipped to remain faithful and experience a happy and healthy family.
It's true...A Mother's influence can change the success rate of the next generation's marriages.
What a great gift to give to our sons!
The time is now to prepare our boys for victory.
We do not have to wait for the world to change its moral fiber to win this war against broken homes, broken hearts, infidelity and divorce. A mother is the first lady in her son’s life and her love and influence in her beloved boy’s life can help change the success rate of the next generation’s marriages and rebuild the foundation of family ... one boy at a time."
I truly enjoyed myself and although I can't fathom the fact that Brady will be dating a girl someday needless to say getting married, in fact the thought of it actual makes me sick to my stomach, I can only pray that God will give me strengh to teach him how to be a Strong, Pure, Honorable, Loyal, and Respectful man and that some other mom out there is teaching the same kind of values my future daughter-in-law! I wanted to buy one of her books so badly but moneys a little tight, but I guess God thougtht I really needed to have one, my friend Melissa Thomas should up at my house Monday, with a gift for me for taking some pictures of her awhile back and she got me the book! Thank you Melissa!

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