Monday, November 09, 2009

Nov. 8th
Dr. Brady
I went in for a check up on the 2nd and Brady just kept staring at the nurse who was taking my blood b/c she had gloves on. I told her he was fascinated with gloves, and then I said maybe he's going to be a doctor someday. So as were leaving she gives him a glove and in the car he says, "Mommy, not now but when I get big I'm gonna be a doctor and where those things in my ear!
So today I hear Ryan say go show your mom, so Brady comes into the kitchen with his bunny ears upside now and inside his ears and he says, "I'm gonna be a doctor when I get big!" He was going around putting the bunny ear on my chest and back and pretending to listen to me, and would say you sound good mommy! I just love this mom, and how smart and creative is he to know that he could do that with his bunny ears and it would look like a stethoscope.

Radom but precious picture Ryan drew of Brady
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