Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec. 4th
Parade Day
For the last 8 yrs or more my sisters and their kiddos would get together and go to the Adolfus Parade every year and then meet up to do crafts afterwards. I was never interested in being in the cold prior to having Brady and my work interfere usually too, but 2 yrs ago we were spoiled by Ryan's work and got to go eat at breakfast with Santa and then got to sit front and center on bleachers, it was great! Last year work interfered again, but this year we were all ready to go, Brady and I even headed to Target to buy long johns and extra warm accessories, but we decided taking the kids out into 30 degree weather probably wasn't the smartest thing. Instead we decided to just head over to mom's and watch it on TV and continue with our days of Christmas crafts! The little kids had a blast! They stood right in front of the TV and jumped up and screamed every characters name when they appeared! Brady held up his stuffed Barney when the Barney float appeared and said "Look Barney, do you see yourself?" and then did the same thing with his Brobee, it was a hoot! Brady enjoyed painting Christmas ornaments even the part where the picture is supposed to go, lol! I love the fact that I have precious sisters that I can spread the day with and share these memories with as well as our kids!

The little ones checking out Bob the Builder

Brady sees Barney for the first time

It's Barney mommy!

Barney, look do you see you!

Brobee checking himself out!

Merry Christmas

Chase and Brady

Chase playing along

Phoebe being silly

Kaylee doing crafts

Kendra and her craft


Mari showing her ornament off

Phoebe trying to paint

Brady painting his snowman ornament

More of my lefty painting