Friday, January 15, 2010

Dec. 24th
Christmas Eve
My family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, so this year was no different, well with one exception, we decided to stay in, instead of going to the Christmas Eve service. Instead we ate our traditional Mexican food dinner early and then the kids took turns reading the Christmas story! I was super excited about this Christmas especially b/c Ryan and I had been keeping our pregnancy a secret, and had a neat way to tell our family. Every year I make our parents our college calendar and this year I put the sonogram picture on the due date.

Our house with snow

My precious family

Brady wanted to sit with Mimi during the reading

The girls find a spot to listen

Chase has his turn

Chase and Popi

Listening carefully

Kaylee turn

Not sure what Tanya is doing

Kendra's turn

Brady chillin

Being silly again

and again


This is the one thing that Brady always said he wanted for Christmas, Yo Gabba Gabba Blocks

The girls in their matching sweatshirts I had made

Kaylee opening her Twlight candy along with her Rue 21 gift certificate

Kendra's Twlight candy

Chase over reacting when opening his game giftcard

Kaylee's boom box

Brady got a personalized apron to go with his grill Mimi and Popi got him

Mom and dad opening their calendar

Mom finds the sonogram pic

Ryan asked for some knives for Christmas

Dad surprised my mom with an anniversary band, to celebrate their 40th

He had it in a ornament box sitting on the tree

I think they both were crying

Chase trying his sweatshirt on

Mom showing my her ring and Brady being silly

All the girls and our matching sweatshirts

Aren't we cute?

The Hughey girls

Chase and Brady in their shirts

The boys

Chris and Phoebe