Friday, January 15, 2010

Dec. 25th
Christmas Morning/Christmas Day @ Nani and Booga's
Brady woke up to a new car and lots of other fun toys from Santa and Mommy and Daddy Christmas morning! After opening presents we were off to Nani and Booga's for breakfast and more presents and to relieve our surprise! Today was Brady's first day in big boy underwear all day, man does time fly!

Brady woke up to this

Brady showing off his new car and Plex

New glasses

He got Up, which was the first movie we saw in the theater with him

His new Woody doll

Daddy can you help?


Silly face

Giving Daddy hugs

Using his new drawing board

Playing in his car with Woody and Plex

Showing off

Christmas Day with Nani and Booga

Braeleigh opening our present to her

Brady got some little people doctors

The boys

Opening presents

More presents

Brae with Princess dress up clothes

Sitting with me and opening presents

More presents

Showing off his doctor stuff

Dr. Boozer scrubs
Steph and Brae


Brae with her new lunch bag

Giving hugs

Brae sitting with Nani

Checking her calendar out

Checking their calendar out

Wait what's that...a Baby???

Ryan and his new coat

Charlie opening

Dressing up, check out Brady's princess shoes

Precious kiddos

Steph in her snuggie and house shoes

Brady giving Steph a check up

Dr. Boozer

Dr. Boozer again

Chillin in the snow

Hanging out