Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 14-17
Lake Tahoe
Ryan and I were able to go to Lake Tahoe with his boss Jeff and his wife Crysti. This was Ryan's bonus for meeting his goal, a paid trip to Lake Tahoe, so even though I couldn't ski I wasn't turning this trip down and besides it will probably be our last get away just the two of us before baby #2! Day 1 we arrived in Lake Tahoe a little after lunch, as soon as we got there we checked in to our hotel and then headed over across the street to get something to eat at a bar and grill where we ate pizza and nachos and then it was off to get skis. Then we headed to the casinos for a little while but Crysti headed back early for some shut eye, well actually I headed up walking to Burger King. Day 2 Ryan and I got up fairly early, our clocks were off. We headed to the free breakfast at the hotel's restaurant where you could have anything on the menu, it was wonderful and we were greeted by the sweetest hostess with the mostes, Bonnie. Soon after breakfast Crysti, Jeff, and Ryan headed to ski, I walked across the street and did some sightseeing and shopping. Not soon after I got a call from Ryan that he broke one of his skis, and $450 later he had another set, HE WAS NOT HAPPY! After that we went to lunch a Mr. Ps and then they were off to ski again. I headed back to the hotel for awhile to catch up on blogging and then headed to the movies to see Leap Year. For dinner we went to the Naked Fish, I was not feeling so hot, and can't eat sushi anyway so I just had a salad and then went back to the hotel and went to bed while the boys went to the casinos again! Day 3 Ryan, Jeff, and Crysti headed to breakfast, I stayed behind for a little while, b/c I still was feeling great, but later went to eat and see Bonnie again, lol! After dropping them off to ski, I went back to the hotel to blog some more headed to get some souviners for us and then met them up the street at California Main Lodge, wear we ate lunch in a big cafe and then got some pics of the slopes. After that I went to get my nails done and went sightseeing and then met them around 4 and headed to the sleigh ride. My one request was that if I couldn't ski that Ryan take me on a sleigh ride and just up the street was the Borges Sleigh Rides, a family run business that's been around for years. I LOVED IT! The sleigh ride was great, we even saw a coyote! After getting cleaned up we went to dinner at the hotel's restaurant again for some steak and then back to the casinos, again Crysti and I didn't stay long. Day 4 Had to drag the boys out of bed to go to breakfast, then off to by last minute souvienrs and then back to the airport to reality. I had the time of my life despite not getting to ski, it was beautiful, relaxing, and over all a wonderful trip, thanks Jeff and Crysti, but boy did I miss my boy!

California State line and just on the other side of the street...

...Nevada State Line

Our hotel

The view of the slopes

Where we met for lunch

Sight seeing

The Naked Fish where we ate Friday night

The view from the shopping center
Jan 16th-Day 3, Day 2 of Skiing

LAke Tahoe

Ryan and I after we met for lunch

Ryan and I

Crysti and Jeff

Ryan on the slopes

Ryan messing with Jeff

Ryan on the slopes

The Lake
Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe from the ski slopes

Another view from the ski slopes

Lake Tahoe from on top of the ski slopes

Another view from top

Last view from top

Day 3 Sightseeing

A golf course I found while sight seeing that I thought was beautiful

Golf course view

Another view of the golf course

My foot in the sand, I mean snow on the beach

The Beach

Borges Sleigh Rides

These were for little kid rides

One of the sleigh horses

Lake Tahoe from our sleigh ride

A view from the sleigh ride and another sleigh

Ryan and I

The four of us

The four of us with Jake

The four of us on our sleigh ride

The coyote that greeted us!

Another look at the coyote


A view on the sleigh ride

Crysti feeding Jake

Ryan and I with Jake

This was the hotel's restaurant


The Watson's said...

Looks like yall had a blast, all THREE of yall! :) Ha! Sure miss you! Hope to see you soon!!!