Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 18th
Fun Day with Mommy/First Haircut
Brady and I had a great day today, we slept in, ate breakfast, went outside to play on the playground, drove his car around, blew bubbles, and just played. We then went to get a haircut, after 6 or 7 people in the last week calling Brady a girl, I decided it was time. I was very uneasy about cutting it, as crazy as it was, I LOVE HIS CURLS and didn't want them to disappear. But after several people told me if I trimmed it, it might be even more curly b/c the length was weighing it down, I gave in and boy does he look HANDSOME! I almost cried watching them cute his hair, but don't worry, I kept some curls and the place we went to Cool Cuts for Kids gave us a certificate and everything, I'm glad I did it!

Before crazy pic

First cut, sorry not the best pic, I was emotional
He kept sticking his lip out and staring at himself in the mirror, not sure why

There's the lip again

Snip Snip

Being a good boy and just chillin in his Taxi

All done, what a doll

After pic

Video of Brady driving

Stopping to smile at mommy

Driving his car

Crazy Brady

He's just so cute!


Banana Sandwiches? Huh??? said...

VERY CUTE! That place looks like a fun salon for kids.