Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb. 12th
Another Snowy Day/Dru's Bday Party/3wks no accidents

Last night about 9:30 the power went out, so we woke up this morning a little cold. After experiencing some nerve pain in my back I thought it might be nice for Ryan to take me to hangout somewhere warm. So we hurried up got dressed and manually tried to open the garage when the storm hit, and I don't mean snow storm! In the process of trying to close the garage back, it got off track and broke somehow, and after spending 30 min or more on it, Ryan had lost all patience and left us home with a broken opened and broken garage in a very cold house. I called a repair man asap, b/c I knew Brady and I could stand the cold! About 10:00, after trying to stay warm in bed reading books, Brady's lips turned purple, I thought we should maybe sit in the car and get warm! Not long after playing and singing in the car the repair guy came and fixed us all up and we were able to go to Nani and Booga's house to get warm!

At five Mimi and Popi met us at our house, still with no power, and had a small snowball fight before heading to Aunt Drusilla's Bday party, check out the video!

Today marked 3wks with no potty accidents, and he's gotten pretty good and doing things himself!

Trying to show you how deep

The front of the house

Side view of house and drive way

House view

The Road and greenbelt
Warming Up in the Car
A Stage just for me

Performing for mommy

Watching the Repair

Dru's Party

Lighting Candles
Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out candles


The Watson's said...

WOWZERS! That is a TON of snow! Looks like yall had fun! I love the pictures from across the street from your house. So pretty! Love you!