Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 11th
Well Texas, had not 1 but two snow days so far this winter and I had to go to work, ugh! I was so sad all day wishing I could be at home with Brady playing in the snow, luckily his Nani took him outside and got a couple of pics of him while at school and then when I got home we got to play some too! He's kin to his mommy too, he has enough of the cold in about 10 minutes, which was all I could take too!


Brady's playground

A view of the backyard

A view from our driveway

What a doll

My Snow Bunny

A view from the door of the school

Another view from the gym at my school

Brae and Brady at school

Cheesin in the snow at school


The Watsons said...

I'm so with ya on the cold! I didn't dare take Jolee Kate out in it, but I did bundle up Jake and Jack and they had a BALL!!! For the 5 minutes I let them stay out, that is. :) Brady sure is cute. REALLY hope it works out for yall to come out here!!! Love you!