Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 2nd
It's A GIRL!
Well after what seemed like eternity, we finally had our 20wk appt. and got to find out what the baby is!While waiting almost an hour in the waiting room, we finally got called back for the sonogram, and the minute the tech put the thing on my belly he said, "I know what it is, but I'm going to make you wait!" He went on to show us, every possible organ of the baby, it was so neat, to see that on a big screen tv. He even, mearued the neck and ruled out down syndrome, looked at the mouth and said no claf palate, looked at the kidenys, the brain, etc. Then he finally said, "What did your son say he wanted?" I answered, "A baby brother." and He said, "Well he's going to be really happy....(he took a huge long pause) and then said, " b/c he's going to have a baby sister!" My jaw dropped, I was convinced it was another boy but I was wrong, we are going to be have a lot more pink around the house, Charley Rickelle Boozer will be joining our family and we couldn't be happier! I will admit, I'm still in complete shock and feel a little panicked, but I know the girl stuff will just come naturally!
For those who don't know we've had this name picked out for years, probably 5 to be honest. Ryan and I were out our old house and it was around the time that the song Me and Charlie talking came out by Miranda Lambert. Ryan and I both loved the song, b.c we could relate to the young love. Ryan just one day when it came on said, wouldn't that be a cute girl name and I was like uh yeah, especially since at that time I thought all my kids would have CRB intials. Not sure how but it didn't dawn on Ryan, that was he's dad's name too, which I thought was really neat, so I wanted to incorporate my dad's name too, which happens to be Rick which is a R. I saw a street sign one day called Rickel and called my Mandi, b/c I'm not so good with spelling and asked her, how I could use that name without people saying Rickel and she said add a l and e at the end and that's how Rickelle came about!
My prayer for Charley Rickelle is that she would grow up to be a women of God and would have a the same sweet pure heart that Brady has and that someday we'll be one of my very best friends, just like my mom, sisters, and I!
I already love you, Miss Charley, Bunches, Pieces, and Gobs!

Definitely a girl


Allison Connor said...

Congratulations! Girls are so fun!

Robbie and Melissa said...

YAY!!!! How did you put her name on the sonogram picture? I'm so excited for you!!