Sunday, April 25, 2010

March 10
School Carnival
My school is known for putting on a good carnival, and this year was no exception, this year was even more special b/c it was the 50th anniversary of our school. My co-worker Jana and I were in charge on skating inside, and luckily I have some good friends, Hillary and Olivia, that were able to cart Brady around so that he could play while I worked. The boys had so much fun, they would have ridden the train all day long if we would have let them!
Hillary, Brady, and Aaron

the boys

the boys again

Hillary and the boys

Brady in the bounce house

Aaron in the bounce house

Jana after pie in the eye

Olivia and the boys

the train

Me, Brady, and Aaron

Jana in jail

Skating inside the small

Brady hanging out on the mats

Brady playing on the mats