Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 9th
First Blast Ball Practice
I have been waiting to be a baseball mom since the day Brady was born, not to say, I won't still love him if he doesn't play, but I just was excited to be that mom! So, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw a flyer at Brady's school for 3 & 4 yr old blast ball and even more excited that Brady could be on his cousin Mari's team. Blast ball is like t ball, but with only 1 base that squeaks when you step on it and only 7 players on a team on all line up in the in field to get the ball. We're still not positive if Brady's rt or left handed, he eats and writes left, but usually throws right, Ryan says it doesn't matter this early on, but I beg to differ, lol! Brady lost interest real fast, I mean who wouldn't there was a playground right next door. He needs some practice with batting, and a lesson in the difference between football fumble and baseball, he literally dove for the ball every time, even when it wasn't near him, it was the cutest thing!
Mari showing Brady the ropes

Still a bit nervous

The diving begins

In his own world

Being goofy

His turn with the glove
Getting the ball

Not paying attention

My lefty with a right handed glove

He finally got one, throwing it to coach

Got another one, he actually was going after foul balls too

His turn at bat, right handed first


Watching the ball

Left handed

First run to the base

First team huddle