Thursday, April 01, 2010

March 14,15,16, & 17th
Abilene Visit
Brady and I got to head to Abilene for a couple of days during our Spring Break. One of my best friends Kim had a baby girl back in Nov. and I had yet to see her, and she has 2 boys, Jake who's a year older than Brady, and Jack, who's a year younger, so we were very excited to see them.
Sunday: Brady and I left Sunday after lunch hoping he'd fall asleep on the way there, but I ruined it by stopping to get a drink, but he was very good! When we got there we said our hellos visited for awhile and then ordered some yummy pizza and not soon later it was bedtime.
Monday: Kim and I were able to sneak away for awhile, while Aaron stayed home with the kids, to go run a few errands. When we left the boys we're jumping in a inflatable inside their house, CRAZY! After coming home and making some lunch, the boys went down for a nap and Kim and I got to hang, and go through the 3 bags of clothes she gave me for Charley! After nap the boys played some more and for dinner we had some yummy take out!
Tuesday: Another day of just hanging, some ladies from Kim's church came over for Bunco night although, no game actual got played we just ate Abuleos and Aaron took the boys to Chuck E Cheese!
Wednesday: After lunch we headed home!
We had a great time, its so fun to get to see our kids play together, who'd a thought, 10 yrs ago, we'd be hanging out being moms together! It was also super fun to see Brady with Jolee Kate, or Jelly Cake, was what he was calling her. He was so sweet to her and was baby talking to her and wanting to follow Kim everywhere when she had her!

Aaron pulled out some paper and let the boys go nuts with crayons

Jump House

The static from the jump house, made Brady's hair go nuts

More jumping

More Jumping

Even more jumping

Trying to get 2 stinky boys clean and look at the camera at once

Got Jake looking

Brady being silly

Silly Boys

The clothes I came home with

Bibs and Burp clothes, Charley's first monogram stuff

Jolee Kate, Me, and Brady

The kids on St. Patrick's Day


The Watsons said...

I had the best time with you and sweet Brady here! Yeah, it's not quite the same as 10+ years ago when we were just hanging out at ACU being crazy, without a care in the world! :) Ha! But being with you is always a treat, and I love you to death. Thanks for being one of the very best friends in the world. And thanks so much for being willing to come out here during YOUR break from school and spend time in the nut house. ;) Love you tons, Hil! Can't wait to see yall again!