Monday, April 05, 2010

March 20th
Brady's 3rd B-Day Party

This year we chose to have Brady's party not at the house and at our church's Jungle and I'm so glad we did! Brady and his friends seemed to have a great time and I didn't have to worry about cleaning house, lol! Brady is still in love with Plex but since it we were having it at the Jungle I had to some how put Plex and Jungle together, so I went back to my invitiation lady and she created me a great invitation! I also felt obligated to making another cutout, I couldn't handle even one person asking me where it was, since I've had one the last 2 yrs, so I made a Plex of course with some help from Ryan, I really enjoyed and couldn't have Brady's scrapbook not have a cutout this year!

Brady and Plex

Cookie Cake from Great American Cookie

Sign in table


Phoebe and Brady sliding

Dennis, Popi, and Booga

Tim, Ryan, and Shane


Brady and me

Attempting to still show I got it

Brady and sliding

My Big Boy

Singing Happy Birthday day to himself

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out his candle

Brady and Avery

Everyone enjoying cake

Tarenthia, Avery, Liam, and Jon

Susan, Audra, and Rhonda

Kari and Ben

Silly Phoebe

Kendra Hula Hooping

Mykah hula hooping

Tim, Shane, April, and Shane's brother

Ryan and his Mom

Showing off his Handy Manny from Aaron

Phoebe and Aaron helping out

Man, I Love this boy, just look at that face

Everyone checking out his presents

Some more clothes

Excited about his spiderman puzzles

Brady kept putting his hand on his head like this and saying "Oh My Goodness!"

New clothes from Nani and Booga

Pillows for his new bed

Opening bedding from Mimi, there goes the hand again

Me and My Buddy Boy

Sportin his new hat

Brady sportin his DJ Lance hat and glasses





Hayden and Jackson

Paisley, Mykah, Kaylah, Gabri


Landry and Kara

Shane and Abigail

Me, Tanya, Kendra, and Mandi

Kendra and Mandi

Mari, Mandi, and Phoebe


Aaron and Hillary

Popi and Booga

Brady and Mimi