Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 12th
Prego Pics-Back to Nash Farm
My mom went with us to Nash Farm this morning to take prego pics, I will be 35wks on the 14th. I took Brady's prego pics here and you know we've been back several times for other pics. I decided to wear the same thing that I did with Brady too! He was so good too, some of the best pics, we didn't even pose him, he just did it! I know I might complain about being fat, or hot, or uncomfortable, but I LOVE being pregnant, I never get over the fact that its such a miracle and that's why I just have to capture as many moments prego as I can!

My sweet family

He already loves he's sister

This is one of my favs

This is one of those I tried to tell him what to do but he just started being silly

My big boy


We were sitting and he just decided to go hug his daddy's neck, so mom just started snapping pics

Looking at Charley