Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 12th
Despite my refusal to have any showers, I ended up having 3, I guess people don't take me seriously, lol, and of course we are very appreciative! Today my sweet friends Hillary, Olivia, and Tarenthia threw me a shower at Hillary's house, I just invited a few friends and my mom, mother-in-law, sisters, and sister-in-law. It was wonderful and I got so many great things, including a double jogger stroller from my folks, lots of adorable outfits and bows, a hooter hider, and lots of handmade things from some of my talented friends! We are so blessed to have so many people and love us and want to be a part of this special time!

My Precious Friends and Hostesses, Olivia, Tarenthia, Me, and Hillary

Cute diaper cake

Yummy cake and punch

My sweet mom and sister (Tanya was out of town)

More sweet family-Steph, Me, and Wendy

Kara and Me
Me & Charley and Courtney & Jersie

Adorable dress from Tarenthia
Tiny shoes from Nani

More tiny shoes from Nani

Tutu swimsuit from Nani for next summer

Handmade from Hillary

Handmade from Hillary

Handmade from Kara, too cute

From Aunt Stephanie who thinks she's the fav

From Aunt Mandi who thinks she's the fav

Handmade Hooter Hider from my good friend Laura

Big Brother gift from Hillary & Olivia
Big Brother toy from Mimi-Rex
The Kids enjoying cake