Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 14th
Church Shower
My precious girlfriends from church threw me a shower today and boy did I get some more fabulous things, Charley is going to be one stylish little girl, not that I had any doubt! Ryan and I have been so blessed to make some wonderful friendships in the last year at our church, I don't know what I'd do without them! And what a blessing, there are four of us pregnant right now, all girls but 1, and 1 who just had one 3 months ago, so not only have we been blessed but our little girl will be too, not too mention Brady who has his fair pick of friends too!
My Bible Study group and Hostesses: Kari, Jenn, Paige, Me, Amanda, and Stephanie
Jenn and I comparing Lizzie and Charley

Jenn with baby Lizzie and me with baby Charley

My precious mom and mother-in-law

Jenn made this beautiful sign for me to go on the hositipal door and to go in Charley's room

Kari made me this, Charley's coming home outfit, Brady has a big brother shirt too

A red sparkle cowgirl sign

Some bloomers with bling

Matching top

Jenn and I laughing about all this new girl stuff

Opening presents

Rebekah, Clara, and Amy

Paige and Stephanie
A too cute watermelon swaddler