Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th
Soaking Up Brady
I'm very thankful that I had a day that I knew I could spend entirely with Brady, even though we've had all summer, today I knew it would be my last day as just Brady's mom! Its a bitter sweet feeling, I'm super excited to welcom Charley into the world tomorrow, but I'm also very sad that Brady will not be able to have all of my attention, that's all we've and he's known for 3 yrs! I wanted to make today extra special, so we woke up and went to the donut store and then ended to Kid 2 Kid to try to find Charley something for the wedding we will be taking her to the week after she' here, and Brady without any prompting found this outfit and said Charley would love it, and I totally agree, he said it would be his big brother gift for her. After Kid 2 Kid we headed to Irving to visit our friends Susan and Jon who had twin girls about a month ago, so Brady got to play with their big brother Liam and get an idea of what Charley will be like! After visiting we headed to the nail salon for one more special foot treatment, this was the first time I've ever taken Brady and probably the last, he was good but wanted to participate. Then we had McDonalds and headed to the water park. Then it was nap time, we played for awhile and then met daddy for our last meal as 3! After a quick shower, I put Brady to bed for the last time, I love that boy so much, its hard to imagine being able to love another one, but I know God just makes room! I soaked up every minute I could of my lil man today and I thank the Lord that I had today with him and hope Brady will know someday how much we love him and have cherished him for the last 3yrs and will continue for many many more years! I LOVE YOU BRADY BOOZER!
Decorating her bag

Brady's Big Brother gift for Charley


Brady sliding and some radom girl, lol


Being silly at the water park

Another take of us at the nail salon

At the nail salon

Breakfast, no hand

Breakfast, he loves to put his hands op for some reason when I take pics now!