Tuesday, August 03, 2010

July 17-22nd
First Week at Home
We couldn't wait to get home, and when we finally did get home Big Brother was waiting on us with a Welcome Sign. He ran to the car to help Daddy bring Charley in. We were home maybe 10 min and she had a poopy and Brady ran to get some gloves to help change her diaper, he was pratically pushing me out of the way to wipe her bottom. I was dreading our first night at home but so far Charley is a great sleeper, I'm actually having to wake her up at night to eat. During the day she's a little challenging, but I think its b/c I can't get her enough to eat. July 2oth Charley and I went on our first outing, we headed to HEB breastfeeding center to get some help and July 22nd we headed to the doc for our first check, I can't believe she's a week old and she weighed 7lbs 3oz so lost 3 oz since birth but gained a few ounces since going to the breastfeeding center where she was 6lbs 14oz.

Ride Home

The sweetest greeting ever

Brady ran to the car to help Daddy

Daddy was a little nervous, lol

Let's go Charley

Proud Big Brother

Sweet Big Brother Sugars

First Poopy at Home, and Brady had to help

Pushing me out of the way to wipe her
Mommy's Big helper
Giving Charley her paci
I'm sure this is first of many shhhh.

Alathea and Charley

Justin and Charley

Big Brother, Mom and Lil Sister

Daddy and his kids

First change of clothes

Night Night

Day 2 at home Daddy's girl

Sweet baby face

Brady wanted to read her a book

First swing

Big Brother and Charley

Little Lady in Pink

Day 3 at home

She love her swing

Suctioning my lips

Day 4 at home

Day 4, July 20th
First outing

He loves to hold her
Day 5 at home
Getting ready to go the doc for 1 week check up
Headed to the doc
Waiting to get weighed