Thursday, August 05, 2010

July 23rd & 24th
Trae's Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding
I believe this was the last of Ryan's single buddies to get married this weekend. We were extremely worried we were going to miss it all together due to Charley but she came just in time. Normally I wouldn't take a 9 day old out in public but we couldn't miss seeing Trae getting married.
For the rehearsal dinner Brady got to play with Nani and Booga and Sat. night he was with Popi and Mimi and got to go to Layton and Cooper's bday party, so he was not missing out on any fun!
Charley was an angel both nights, slept the entire time until it was time to eat, maybe getting her out this young and around loud noises, she'll be an easy going baby and toddler!
The boys

Todd & Trae

At the rehearsal

Brit & Trae

My kangaroo

Daddy & his girls

The Wedding

The boys

Waiting on his bride

Here comes the bride


Mr. & Mrs. White

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Mr. & Mrs. White
First Dance

Clint and his youngest girl, Daddy & Charley, & Shane & Calvin

Daddy and his lil girl

Daddy & his girls
Charley ready to party

While Mommy & Daddy are awhile Brady will Play
Layton and Cooper's 5th and 3rd Bday parties were today at 4 and since Daddy was in a wedding at 5 we couldn't go but I didn't want Brady to miss it, so I asked if Popi and Mimi could take him, they all had a blast!

Layton sliding

Brady sliding

Karson & Brady

Bullseye & Brady

Jumping into Zach

Zach & Brady

Filling up his gun

Having fun

Brady shooting Cooper with a water gun

Brady and Cooper eating hotdogs


Brady sliding

Brady including himself in opening presents

Brady helping Layton open pics

Brady sliding


Brady sliding

Brady sliding