Thursday, August 05, 2010

July 22nd
1 Week Old/First Bath
Today Charley is 1 week old. We went to the doctor this morning for our first check up, she weighs 7lbs 3oz, she's lost 3oz since birth but as actually gained 6oz since Tues, I guess pumping right after we eat and giving that to her and a little bit of formula is working. (It seems my milk supply is the didn't change unfortunately, so I'm gonna have to supplement like I did with Brady, ugh) The doctor says she looks real good!
We also had our first bath today, her umbillical cord fell off yesterday (July 21st). She didn't like it at first but then it seemed to comfort her, and of course big brother Brady was a big help!

All decked out for the doctor

Waiting to get weighed

Daddy and Brady help give her a bath

Big Brother helps bath her

Look Daddy

Mommy and Brady giving Charley a bath