Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Abilene Trip
Sept. 3rd-5th
 The Texas college roomies were supposed to have a weekend getaway to Abilene to visit Kim, but Ann decided not to come b/c she wasn't feeling well and Kellye forgot that she had already made plans to spend the weekend in Abilene with her sister doing wedding stuff, so I was left with the decision to drive Charley's first road trip by myself. I called Kim the Thurs night and told her I didn't think I would make the trip, but then Fri. morning Charley woke up about 3:30 and I decided why not. I ran around like a crazy women throwing stuff in a bag (Kim already had all the bib baby stuff I would need) and was out the door by 5. It took Brady a little while to go back to sleep, but by Weatherford he was out and both kids slept the entire trip. The last I talked to Kim I wasn't coming, so when I showed up at her house a little after 7, she was still asleep and not answering her phone, I had to feed Charley in the car until Kim called me back and was more than surprised when I told her to open her door!
Kim and I had lots of fun with a house full of 3 crazy rambunctious boys! Aaron was home Friday night, so another trip to Chuck E Cheese was a definite, Brady didn't leave Mr. Aaron side! Kellye came over Sat all day, so we got to visit, make bows, talk wedding, and we were able to go see our old house that some of Kim's friends live in now and have completely redone. Kim also sent us home with another truck load of clothes for Charley and a bouncer, boy do I love that Kim's a shopper, lol! Oh and I can't forget the trip to Target, I wanted to take a picture of the girls in matching outfits and of course Kim thought they needed matching bows too, so we stopped by Hobby Lobby too!
The Girls Playing
Brady and Jack
Sweet Boy

I love that it looks like he's riding a motorcyle

Thinking about smile leaving Chuck E Cheese
Sweet smile
Trying to get a pic w/ the boys in their underwear, couldn't tackle all 3
What cuties
Brady sportin his Notre Dame jersey and Charley not wanting to pose
Our sweet girls, Aaron decided they need to go to ACU and live with them so he can keep can eye on them,lol


The Watsons said...

That is a visit I will never forget!!! I had the best time having you and your sweet kids here with us! And the surprise at 7 something in the morning was unreal!!! I still can not believe you did that! But so glad you did! I had a blast and love you tons! It's time to plan the next trip back out here!!! Love you!!!