Saturday, September 18, 2010

August 11th
ER Trip
Today was by far the scariest day of my life! It is the hardest thing ever to see your child in pain and not be able to help them or make it go away!
Brady, Charley. and I were at my parent's house hanging out, Brady was in their dinning room eating a snack while Mimi was working on something in there and Charley was eating in the living room. All the sudden I heard Brady crying, at first I brushing it off, like I'm sure he's ok, but I soon realized something was different about this cry. I put Charley down and started to run towards him, when my mom came around the corner with Brady in her arms, his head buried in her chest, she was covered in blood and Brady was sobbing! All mom could say to me we was "don't look," and at that time, Brady picked his head up and complete horror and panic came over me. I have never seen so much blood in my life, Brady's entire head was covered in blood to the point I couldn't even tell where it was coming from. I got a wet towel and my mom put pressure on it while I was hysterical, didn't know if I should call 911, do I take him myself, can I physically drive him in mine and his condition, what do I do with Charley? We finally got it to stop bleeding and I calmed down enough to call Ryan and get in the car, my mom stayed behind with Charley.
As if things weren't bad enough when I got to the hospital there was no parking in the emergency entrance, the valet was full, so I finally pulled back around to the emergency exit and saw a police officer and told him I was parking illegally and was pretty cool about it! They took us right in and took great care of us, poor Brady was trying so hard to be brave, he had so much blood on him, he thought his arm was hurt. Ryan got there soon after, but not before I got questioned over and over again, I know they have to do that, but a mother in panic for her child who was truly involved in a accident shouldn't have to worry about if people believe her story or not. They cleaned Brady up and we for the first time were able to see the actual cut, it was large. They put some numbing stuff on him and sent us off to the minor emergency care where they told us he would have to get stitches. After waiting just a few minutes they came in and told us it would be staples instead, I was sick to my stomach, I would have done anything to switch spots with him and take it away. Brady had to get swaddled like a baby for them to give him staples, poor baby was screaming for us, and all we could do was console him the best we could and do our best to hold back the tears. It was so quick, literally they took a staple gun and put 4 staples in his head, he was so brave! As soon as it was over, the doctor gave him some gloves and a mask which he saw Brady eyeing before hand and Brady was fine and he was ready to go get his Big Batman daddy promised him for being Brave!
I will be completely fine if I never have to see either one of kids in pain like that again. It made me think, how hard and what a huge sacrifice it was for God to see his son Jesus in such pain on the cross, I can't imagine!
Waiting for staples

4 Staples
My sweet brave boy
His souvenirs