Sunday, September 19, 2010

August 17th
1 Month Check Up
Charley's a big girl 10lbs 22in, she's in the 75th percentile in both height in weight, Brady was always 75th in height but 25th in weight, so we're lovin the extra chunk! Her sleeping through the night has continued, Wed 11th 10pm-5am, Thurs 12th 10-4:30, and Fri 13th 10-6. Fri, I had a panic attack, even called the doctor, it seems Charley was a late birthmark bloomer. Its a huge birthmark that starts on her goes from her booby down to her belly button and all the way to her back, I thought it was a bruise at first and then a dye from fabric, but today the doctor confirmed its a birthmark! Our little Charley is extra special God stamped her with love!
Lady in Red
Brady doesn't like a picture taken w/out him