Monday, October 15, 2007

My 10 year Reunion/Brady's First Football Game

My 10 year reunion was this last weekend. Friday night we tailgated @ the Irving Homecoming game and it was family night, here are a few pics from Friday Night, of course all of Brady. Even though I had to drag Ryan we had a great time! I'm waiting on pics from Sat. night, including pics of me being hypnotised, CRAZY! I'll post in the next couple of days. If you look really carefully you can see Brady's 2 bottom teeth, this is the first picture I've gotten where you can really see them!

Brady cheesin in the stands with Daddy

Cheesin some more
Trying to grab the camera
I wanted the field and players in the background so Ryan held him up for me and yes that's spit up all over his shirt

Some precious girls from church/school, Brady, Big Irv


Anne Jones said...

Hey Hilary! I found your blog from Kellye's...your little Brady is adorable!