Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept. 14th
BarneyAddiction/Aunt Peachy turns 90
Yesterday we had to stay home from church b/c Brady was running a low grade fever, so we had a day of rest. I had to snap these pictures of him, so you can try to understand and get a glimpse of my son's Barney addiction. We finally got smart and started using Ryan's playstation has a second dvd player for the other living room so Ryan and I couldn't actaul watch TV. So now he just pops a squat right in front in of the tv and will watch an entire episode. But don't worry we don't let me do this all day long!

Can you tell we let him go outside without his shoes

He was getting ready for a nap!
Aunt Peachy turns 90!
We went over to my aunt Drusilla and uncle Shoo Shoo's house to celebrate my great aunt Peachy's 90th b-day! Peacy was my Papa's (my mom's dad) sister, I believe she is the only living sibling left! She has lived a great life and were very lucky to have her!

Peachy, Brady, and Mimi

Mimi, Mari, (who just woke up, so she was a bit of a grouch) and Brady

Some of the fam eating fried chicken

Brady and Mari had fun with some bats outside


Ross said...

Hi there, old friend of Ryan's here...Ross.

You might ask him to drop me an email some time? - I have a lil something I've been meaning to send you guys but I only have Ryan's work address.

Hope you are all well. The blog is cool ;)