Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 19th
27 wks-3D Sonogram
We got our first 3D sonogram done today, we decided not to do it with Brady b/c its a little expensive, but my friend Tarenthia told me about El Centro College Sonography Program, this is where students go who are studying to be a sonographer, and they always need people to come in so their students can get practice. The greatest part about it was it only cost us $30! Unfortunately, Ryan was unable to go, but I was able to take my mom and mom mother-in-law. The people were fantastic, you would have never known they were students. First, we started with a regular 2D sonogram, and found out Charley was 1lb and 14oz, so just shy of 2lbs and that she looked great! Then we headed over to the 3D machine, my sonographer Heidi wasn't doubting her ability on the 3D machine, so they called in backup, so the "Queen of 3D" Devon came in, she was fabulous! They spent probably 30-45 min trying to get a good pic, my umbilical cord was right in front of Charley's face, so in some of the pics she kinda looks like an alien, but we ended walking away with some great pics, at least 10 3D pics and like 5 2D! It was a really neat experience and just reminds you what a miracle this really is! I know I say it all the time, but GOD IS GOOD!
Her sweet face, her nose looks like Brady and I think she has my lips too
Her arms crossed in front of her face
Her legs crossed and her little hands

Her foot